Internationalisation And Globalisation

In today's global economy organisational strategies, structures and operating models become more and more complex. The success of the organisation as a whole will depend on its capability to acquire and develop managers who are able to interact with colleagues from several countries and cultures. If they are to be effective in a global environment they have to develop skills like the ability to see the global perspective, cultural responsiveness, cross-cultural communication and the ability to collaborate.

Assignments in which we are involved in order to solve our clients' issues with regard to internationalisation and globalisation are related to the following areas of concern:

  • What will be the impact on my executive management team if we move from being a local organization towards becoming a more international / global one?
  • How do I create an efficient and effective executive platform that has to operate in a complex matrix with different dimensions like the business line, the functional line, the legal entity, the operating unit etc?
  • How can I define the roles and responsibilities of the members of my senior executive management team, taking into account this complex operating matrix?