Succession Planning

In order to survive and grow, organisations must identify and develop tomorrow's managers. Identifying those with potential cannot be done on track record alone, as tomorrow's needs will be different from today's. We identify the qualities inherent in individuals that mark them out as the successful senior executives of the future. Assignments in which we are involved in order to solve our clients' succession planning issues can be related to the following areas of client concern:

  • The average age of the members of our executive team is 55 years. How can we ensure their succession?
  • Our CEO is retiring in 18 months and we have no successor within the organisation. What do we have to do to find a new CEO and how can we integrate him/her in the most effective and efficient way?
  • I want to appoint a new member of our Executive Committee. I have an internal candidate but what is his/her potential? Can he/she do the job?
  • How can we develop the capabilities of our senior management in the light of the strategic needs of the organisation and their career development?
  • I want to introduce a performance management system for my team of senior executives. How can we accomplish this?