Working with Individuals

Assessments of individuals are a cornerstone of our work. Assessments provide an honest, in-depth evaluation of the individual. Without this information, all future plans will inevitably use guesswork. With this information, we can help individuals, and groups of individuals, deal realistically with what they want to achieve at work. Specifically, assessments are used pre-employment, before internal job changes or for the personal development of key managers. Here are some examples where this element of our approach has proven value:


Changes in the organisation resulting from merger or acquisition mean employees have to be reshuffled. Assessments which identify individual qualities, and goodness of fit, inform this complicated task.

Individual Fit

Individuals must fit not just to role but also in teams. The starting point from which to consider and understand team dynamics is the individual objectives and characteristics of the team members. By capitalising on strengths and minimising weaknesses, individual contributions can be repositioned to achieve the best from an existing team.

Succession Planning

Individual assessments are used to initiate the process, by structuring and categorising information. We order data that busy senior managers find hard to capture and we do so in a manner which facilitates objective decision making. We help organisations make the difficult decisions upon which the future of the business depends.