Our Approach

We believe that excellence in organisations is achieved not just by having staff with the appropriate background and skills, but by having people who work well together. While many organisations claim that "our people are our greatest resource", few devote the energy to ensuring that the resource is developed to its full potential. Only by understanding people, their abilities, values and motivations can one harness this potential and create teams where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

We apply psychology as a lever to resolve people management issues. We believe that minor changes in team composition, in methods of interaction, or simply in the way that managers see themselves, can have a major impact on performance.

We analyse the organisation as a whole, the groups which make it up, and the individuals within the groups. We aim to understand the reasons for a person's performance in the context of corporate strategy. We do this by thoroughly assessing the individual's capacity and inclination to deliver against objectives: we also inform ourselves and take a view on what the organisation is setting out to do. We define and articulate what is required if people are to work productively together. Sometimes, this is what some people already know. The difference is that, as consultants, we may be the only ones with the perspective to turn this knowledge into a productive outcome.

Our consultants bring with them a valuable combination of skills. They have the advantage of specialised training. They have the experience of having handled many similar, if not identical, circumstances. They have the independence of a broader view than those in the company. Although working inside the company, they also have the privilege of being an outsider.