Strategic Visioning Exercise 2

With this exercise the Acker Deboeck and Company consultants are aiming at helping the client’s company in defining or reviewing its strategy and in crafting a concrete action plan in order to get there. This exercise has two components: assessing the company and its environment, and crafting the strategy. In a first stage we will try to understand the features of the client company and its business environment. The purpose of this phase is to provide, by interviewing a number of key people within the organisation, an answer to following topics:

1 Understanding the company:

  • Current strategy
  • Perceived business challenges
  • Client solutions and approach to the market
  • Client oriented organisation effectiveness
  • Client performance improvement
  • Leadership and decision making
  • Internal organisation and processes
  • People and Talent

2 Understanding the business environment:

  • Features of the market
  • Features of services and products
  • Features of the clients
  • Features of the competitors

3 Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis.

The information gathered during the interviews will be reflected in a report that will be the basis of a strategic vision session with the management team. During this session the Acker Deboeck and Company consultants will facilitate the process in order to:

  • Define a strategic vision and direction
  • Translate the strategy into concrete measurable objectives
  • Craft an action plan to accomplish the objectives
  • Design a process to implement the strategy
  • Define a process to monitor, evaluate and adjust the implementation process if necessary

This session will result in a concrete plan to implement the chosen strategy. In a further stage we are able to coach the CEO and his management team in the implementation, evaluation and adjustment of the defined strategy.